We have carefully selected the most comprehensive warranty cover available should you decide to protect your purchase with an extended warranty. The extended warranty protects you from unexpected mechanical and electrical failure. Most of our customers opt for the extended warranty option, to make sure that their vehicle is fully protected.

We have many warranties company on the board. We would like to offer you the best warranty level, we believe that our partnership warranties companies offer exceptional cover and value. Warrantywise is the UK's Number 1 Car Warranty plan and was designed by trusted Motoring expert Quentin Wlison.

Warranty Assist Plan is intended to contribute to the repair of a failed component (part) on your newly purchased Used Vehicle. You can choose from 3, 6, 12 & 24 Month Warranties Cover for vehicles up to 15yrs & 150,000 Miles and Repair Limits from £250.00 up to the Purchase Price of the Vehicle.

Preparation process

We know that the quality of your car is all that really matters to you. We use variety of sources to deliver the best quality vehicle to you. We are a family run business and our team work closely with German Car Specialist Car Service in Colchester. Their team of expert engineers perform a seriously thorough mechanical inspection of your car, making any further repairs as necessary.

We always ensure your car has 6 months left on its MOT. Our cars are properly checked and tested before sale. We are always carry a full car service for each vehicle, and if needed any minor repairs will be done. Our cars are deep cleaned and  the full wallet is always carried on before we release the car for sale.