We tailored competitive car finance plans. We teamed up with many finance companies, making sure that we can offer car finance that suits all circumstances. Having a low credit score can often make it harder to get finance, for this reason we are working closely with sub-prime lenders. Those companies take individual circumstances into account for car finance. Whether you have bad credit or no credit rating at all, they will work to match you to a competitive, suitable finance plan. 

PCP, HP or Personal Loan?

Personal Contract Purchase (PCP) is a very flexible option. A balloon payment is deferred until the end of the finance term, making the monthly repayments lower. You have the option to purchase the vehicle or hand it back.

Hire Purchase (HP) is the most popular way of financing your car. You make regularly monthly payments on the vehicle, and own the car completely when the finance term ends.

A Personal Loan is a straightforward loan used to purchase a vehicle. The interest rates can work out cheaper than for other types of finance, however, you take personal responsibility for the loan amount. You can obtain a loan from your bank or building society if you have the required credit rating.

Please contact us for more details on each of these car financing options.  We are regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority and a compliance with the latest legislation is an essential part of offering car finance.